4 Reasons Why Your Watch Stopped Working

You finally took the plunge and purchased that designer watch you’ve had your eye on for months, and you wake up one morning to see it has stopped working! In a panic you start turning knobs, tapping on the dial, wondering what could have gone wrong. When you bought the watch last year, the sales clerk assured you it would last forever. What do you do now?

Just like any other mechanical, battery-operated machine, watches, too, are subject to performance issues and can stop working without warning. Our service repair technicians at Time After Time have created a handy guide to help you determine when it’s time to service your watch after it’s stopped working.

Battery Needs Replacement

The most common reason a watch will stop working or need service is due to the battery. A good rule of thumb when it comes to watch batteries is to replace them every two years. A quartz watch, however, can last three years or longer because they do not have second hands. Have your watch serviced and battery replaced by a professional; doing it yourself runs the risk of damaging the intricacies inside the watch by accident.

Water Damage

If your watch is not water-resistant and it took a nice dive in the pool or even the shower, it might have water damage. Water can find itself into a watch through the dial window attached to the case, its case back, or the crown/pushers. Even a little rain can cause a watch to stop working or work improperly. Your best bet is to bring the watch in for service so a certified technician can dry it out.

Manufacturing Issue

It is very possible you may just have purchased a “bad watch.” If you have ever seen the inside of a watch, you will find a million tiny gears and delicate pieces that all work together to make the watch tick. If just one part is setup incorrectly, the watch will not last. Contact the manufacturer, and the watch will be up and running in no time.

Physical Damage

One of the far more obvious reasons your watch stopped working is physical damage. If you’ve dropped the watch more times than you can remember, then something inside may have become loose. A service technician can either quickly fix this, or send it to the manufacturer if there is an excessive amount of damage.

These are just a few common reasons why your watch stopped working, although there are many more. If you are experiencing any of the above issues, please stop by Time After Time, where one of our certified watch technicians will diagnose and repair your timepiece. Our repair services are all done on-site with free estimates, and all work is 100% guaranteed. Give us a call today at 888-552-5997 to find the location closest to you.

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