How Well Do You Know Your Watch Shapes?

Nowadays, watches come in a variety of different shapes. Round or rectangular watches are relatively easy to recognize, but do you think you can distinguish a square-shaped watch from a cushion? What about a tonneau?

In this post, you will learn to identify the most popular watch shapes on the market today, along with a few others you might come across. You will also learn where to go if you ever need any sort of watch repairs!


Let’s start with the most common.


  1. Round

Round watch cases are by far the most popular and common. They feature the typical circular shape and are produced by a large number of brands due to their popularity. These watches can be for everyday use but also come in more elegant designs. Most brands feature this type of watch.


  1. Rectangular

Rectangular cases are very well-liked for their sleek, elegant appearance. They are often used as dress watches or for special events. Michael Kors, Michele, Tissot, Hamilton, Nixon, Skagen, Bulova, and Citizen feature this type of watch case shape.


  1. Square

Square watches are very fashionable and come in many diverse styles. These can be for everyday use or special occasions. They often feature unique bands and features that contribute to its trendy, stylish nature. Hamilton, Nixon, Fossil, Gucci, G-Shock, and Tory Burch feature this type of watch case shape.


  1. Cushion

Cushion-shaped watches are similar to square watches only with rounded edges. They are almost a cross between round and square cases and provide a unique look that fits many occasions and styles. You’ll find that Luminox, Nixon, Skagen, and Bulova feature this type of case shape.


  1. Oval

Oval cases are named for their oval shape, and typically feature thinner bands than other watches. These usually appear very elegant, classy, and beautiful. These watches are a favorite among females but also come in men’s variations. Michele, Tissot, Hamilton, Diesel, Skagen, Gucci, and Bulova are just some of the brands that feature this type of watch case shape.


  1. Tonneau

Tonneau cases are barrel-shaped, with straight top and bottom edges while bulging at the sides. This unique style stands out with an elegant, wealthy appearance, and you’ll find that Michele, Hamilton, and Bulova feature this type of watch case shape.


  1. And others

Less common watch shapes include triangle, dodecagonal, and asymmetrical. These cases can be unique and eye-catching. Triangle cases are modern, trendy, and very fashionable. Dodecagonal watches are similar to round watches but with straight edges arranged in the shape of a 10-sided dodecagon. Hamilton and Bulova produce these two watches, respectively.


No matter the shape of the watch it ultimately will need a repair, restoration, or at the least a battery replacement. At Time After Time, we repair all types of watches with the expertise and care our customers have come to respect. Our highly-trained professionals are equipped with the latest tools and technology to keep watches running at optimal performance. We even offer free estimates on watch repair services at all of our stores in and around Somerset County, NJ and provide everything from battery replacement to total restoration.

To learn more, please give us a call or browse our site.

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