Telltale Signs Your Watch Needs An Overhaul Cleaning

Watches are incredibly intricate, and keeping them clean and preventing dust and moisture from building up inside the case is essential for maintaining proper function for the lifetime of your watch. While there are complete restoration services for thoroughly defective watches, a watch overhaul every few years can help to prevent damaging buildup and keep watches running like new for years.

At Time After Time, we offer the full range of watch overhaul and cleaning services as both preventative maintenance and restoration for old and dilapidated watches. As a premier watch repair shop for residents of Bucks County, PA, and the rest of the Philadelphia and New Jersey regions, Time After Time understands the importance of regular watch maintenance.

During a watch overhaul, our skilled technicians will completely disassemble your mechanical or automatic watch, inspect the internal elements of the movement, and replace any worn or defective parts with genuine replacement parts. The movement will be cleaned, reassembled, lubricated, and recalibrated to restore the watch to proper function.

In this post, we’ll also share with you some of the telltale signs that your mechanical watch needs an overhaul. We’ll even explain the various types of overhaul and cleaning services we offer at our many Time After Time locations, as well as at our headquarters in Richboro, PA, to help keep all of your designer watches functioning like new.

Here are some signals that your watch may need an overhaul or cleaning:

Your Watch is Losing Time

Over time, watches can begin to “lose time” or slow down. This happens when the watch no longer has the necessary power to function accurately. If your watch is losing time, bring it to Time After Time for a quick inspection. Our technicians can calibrate and adjust your watch’s movement during an overhaul to correct this issue.

Your Watch Stops Working Completely

The expert watch technicians at Time After Time recommend routine watch overhaul every three to five years to maintain optimal watch function. When a watch is not cleaned and maintained professionally, it will ultimately stop working. If this happens to you, or if you inherit a mechanical watch from another family member that no longer operates or cannot be wound anymore, bring it to the technicians at your local Time After Time to discover the root of the problem and restore the watch to its proper working condition.

You Find Droplets Inside the Crystal

To continue optimal performance, the components inside the watch must remain free of moisture. If you are noticing droplets or fog within the crystal on your watch, you should take it to a local watch repair shop like Time After Time to be cleaned. We offer watch resistance testing & maintenance including resealing the watch to prevent future moisture buildup.

The Watch Band or Case has Lost its Shine
Over the years, your once vibrant watch can lose its luster. When this happens, the watch repair technicians at Time After Time can perform cleaning and restoration to return the shine to your watch band, case, and crystal. While a watch overhaul can restore the inner working of your mechanical watch to proper working order, a watch polishing (which is an additional service) can also return the outer elements of your watch to like-new conditions.

                Before                                                  After

When your watch begins to show signs of age or ware like the ones we’ve just discussed, bring it into a nearby Time After Time location and let us restore it to its original beauty and function!

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